All of Gods Unchained at your fingertips

The Gods Unchained Butler is a nifty collection of tools that improve your experience with Gods Unchained, whether in-game or on platforms like Discord or Reddit.

Look up cards and decks on your Discord

Thanks to the Gods Unchained Butler Discord bot, you can now look up cards and share decks with your Discord community.

Display cards directly in Discord

By using the /card command searching for any term, the best matching card will be shown. Not only the card artwork but also current prices in various cryptocurrencies are displayed.

Show artworks

When you want to enjoy the artwork of a certain card, you can look it up via the /cardart command. It will be displayed in the highest possible resolution

Decode deckstrings

The GU Butler also understands deckstrings and can display all cards in a deck by using the /deck command.

The future is bright

More functions, like a player lookup or match history search, are being assessed. Stay tuned!

GU Butler as a helping hand on Reddit

When browsing the official Gods Unchained subreddit, the GU Butler offer various QoL features and commands for all redditors.

Automatic deck decoding

Whenever a deck string is being posted, the Gods Unchained Butler will find out the cards used and comment with all information regarding the deck

The butler is always vigilant

Whenever a new submission or comment has been sent, the GU Butler is taking a look if he can help.

Future goodies

More features, like a !card command for cards lookups, are in the making!